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Add style to any home, dining space, or event with these natural  linen placements for sublimation, UV-LED, and heat transfer. The luxurious dual-layer, textured  linen material makes these placemats as durable as they are beautiful. The natural linen color is the perfect backdrop for monograms, photographs, logos, or text! Your customers will love these as customized realtor gifts, wedding or bridal shower products, or as special occasion gifts and home décor.

Available in two sizes these placements provide ample space for your dinnerware, cutlery, and glassware and can fit any aesthetic. Whether you are hosting a corporate event or enjoying a family meal, these natural linen placemats will elevate your dining experience. Great for sublimation, UV-Led and Heat Transfer.

  • For use with sublimation, UV-Led and Heat Transfer
  • Machine washable cold water, hand-wash recommended
  • Available in two sizes:12" x 15.75" Rectangle and 15" Round
  • Textured, linen material
  • Natural linen color

Are placemats heat resistant?

Placemats can offer some degree of heat resistance, but the level of protection they provide varies greatly depending on the material they are made from. Cotton and linen placements can withstand some heat but may scorch or discolor under extreme heat. Be sure to follow our tech tips for heat and pressure settings for best results.

How do you sublimate on placemats?

Sublimating on placemats involves transferring a design onto the fabric of the placemat using heat and pressure. Details for time, temperature, pressure and pressing techniques can be found in our tech tips for each specific place mat. By following these steps and tips, you can achieve high-quality sublimation transfers on placemats, resulting in vibrant, durable, and personalized designs.

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