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Customize any setting with these natural linen coasters. The beautiful poly linen fabric is the perfect base for sublimation, heat-transfer, or UV-LED printing. The sublimation-ready linen makes it easy to sublimate a monogram, photograph, or a fun saying to personalize these square linen coasters as a wedding gift, realtor gift or home décor item! These sublimation blanks are sold in a convenient set of four.

  • Size: 3.93" x 3.93"/Four per pack
  • Suitable for sublimation, heat-transfer, and UV-LED
  • Natural linen color
  • 95% Polyester, 5% Cotton

Can you sublimate on 100% linen?

Standard linen doesn’t have the required properties for sublimation. However, you can achieve vibrant sublimation results on linen by using polyester-coated linen, high polyester blend fabrics, or by adhering sublimated polyester patches to linen items.

Can you sublimate on unbleached linen?

The main requirement for success for sublimation is a polyester, or poly-coated blank material. If your linen item has polyester content and can withstand the heat and pressure required for sublimation, it will work! For best results, choose sublimation blanks tested for sublimation by the vendor.

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