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 Add your personal or hand-drawn look to everyday items with Sublimation Permanent thermal Heat Transfer Marker! Great for anything that can be dye sublimated like totes, mugs, T-shirts, luggage tags and more!

Artesprix FAQ's

How long does the ink in the Artesprix Sublimation Markers last?
Our chemists have tested the duration of the markers and the average distance of continous ink laydown before drying out is 400 meters/1.312 feet. That's over 4 football fields!
Can I draw directly onto the blank with my Iron-on-Ink?
We do not recommend this. For the best results and clearest, brightest image, we recommend drawing on plain office/ copy paper and then transferring this image to the blank.

Artesprix Iron-on-Ink appears to be “dull” when I draw with them. Why is this happening?
Just like traditional sublimation, the color on the paper will become vibrant once the image is transferred onto the polyester blank. That’s the magic in our marker!

Do I need sublimation paper to complete a project with Artesprix Iron-on-Ink?
No! With Artesprix Iron-on-Ink, there is no need for investing in any specialty papers – you can design directly on regular office/copy paper to achieve great results. We don’t recommend using sublimation paper or heat transfer paper, as the coatings on the paper could clog your marker nibs.

Can I transfer my design from paper onto any surface?
No, the design must be transferred on a blank that either has polyester in the material or has a polyester coating. If you want to transfer onto cotton, we suggest transferring your image to glitter vinyl and then applying that vinyl to your cotton.

How durable are the transferred designs when using Artesprix Iron-on-Ink?
Your transferred designs are just as durable and permanent as those achieved by the traditional sublimation process. In fact – that is what sets Artesprix apart from other fabric and ceramic ink on the market. Artesprix Ironon-Ink is manufactured to withstand the lifetime of the polyester items it is applied to, allowing for permanent, precise results on soft polyester fabrics and hard poly-coated blanks.

Can I wash my Artesprix™ Iron-on-Ink t-shirt?
Yes! Once your transferred design is set with heat, it is washable.

If the Artesprix™ Iron-on-Ink gets on something unintended, is it washable?
Our Iron-on-Ink is water-based, so it will wash off as long as no heat is used during the cleanup process. If excess ink finds its way onto upholstered furniture or carpet, DO NOT STEAM CLEAN THE INK. The heat will cause the ink to set and bake into the fabric weaves of the carpet or furniture. Once the image has been exposed to heat it is permanently affixed. Treat this Iron-on-Ink as you would a permanent marker and protect your surfaces when in use.

Are there blanks that are incompatible with these markers?
As long as your blank of choice is poly-coated or made of polyester, you should encounter no issues when transferring your designs. We recommend choosing white or light-colored blanks for best results. Artesprix Iron-on-Ink is not intended to be used with cotton materials, and may result in unsatisfactory results, unless applied to a glitter vinyl first.

Is Artesprix Iron-on-Ink flammable?
No, the inks are water-based. However, its best to keep them away from sources of heat to prevent drying.

Can you transfer designs to dark-colored items or metallic blanks?
You can, but your results will not come out as bright or as vibrant as they would on light-colored blank. There are other options for sublimation on cotton or dark garments including glitter vinyl, Siser EasySubli®, and Specialty Material’s SubliFlock® and many more.

How can I ensure that I am producing consistent results with Artesprix Iron-on-Ink?
Heat Presses offer consistent heat throughout the heat plate which will result in consistent lay-down. You can use a household iron, but due to the inconsistency of pressure during pressing, as well as steam holes where heat is not being applied, a heat press is the preferred way to transfer your designs.

How do I create text-based designs if I can’t write backwards?
There are numerous ways to achieve great text-design results without learning how to write backwards! 1. Write normally with a ball point pen or permanent marker, flip the piece of paper over, and trace! Surprise, only the Artesprix Iron-on-Ink image will transfer. 2. Use a stencil. 3. Use a lightbox or a window. 4. Let the Silhouette Cameo®, Brother ScanNCut™, or Cricut™ do the work for you! Create your mirrored text in your design software, then simply pop out the blade and insert a Artesprix Sublimation Marker (you will need the Silhouette pen adaptor or an after-market attachment for your Cricut cutting machine) – then send your design to your cutter, and the software will outline your text-based design for you!

How should my Artesprix™ Sublimation Markers be stored?
While not in use, your markers should lay horizontally. Before use, place markers tip down for approximately 15 minutes (30 minutes for brand new packs). Leaving your markers tip down for an extended period of time could saturate your marker nib, however, leaving markers tip up could cause them to appear dried out momentarily and allowing time for the ink to re-saturate the nib will be necessary.

My markers appear to be “dried-out”. What should I do?
Due to the type of material that is used in these markers the position in which they are stored is important. Your markers could have been stored tip up for an extended period of time causing the nib to dry out. Simply place your marker tip down for 15-30 minutes which will allow the dye to saturate the tip of the marker.

There is a “ghost-image” on my finished creation. What happened?
Your design may have “slipped” during the pressing process causing the dye to shift on the blank. You may want to consider using Artesprix Heat Tape to secure your drawing. Here’s a great tip using our tape: if you have a mistake on your initial design that you don’t want to transfer to the blank, simply cover it up with Artesprix Heat Tape and it will prevent the transfer of the mistake!

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