TexPrint®XPHR Sublimation Paper 110 Pack - 13 x 19

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TexPrint®XPHR Sublimation Paper 110 Pack

TexPrint® XPHR Epson Paper is a hybrid paper that can be used on both hard and soft substrates. If you are looking for a simple way to get things done, this product has the ability to be printed the same way every time. There are no different papers and profiles for different applications. TexPrint® XPHR Epson Paper is a great way to reduce the confusion, all you have to do is hit print.

Product of Beaver Papers.
Water-based sublimation paper for Epson sublimation systems.
Works with both hard and soft substrates.
Tested and approved by sawgrass desktop inks
Compatible with all Piezo print head technology.
High definition print quality.
True color quality.

Storage & Handling
• Leave in protective packaging until ready for use.
• Maintain storage & use environment at 36% to 51% r.h. (42% optimal) for best printing & drying.
• Allow paper to achieve room temperature prior to use.
• Never leave print paper exposed to heated or air conditioned air currents.
• Store paper off the floor. Fan sheets prior to use.

More Information
Brand TexPrint
SKU SP-512
Printer Type Sublimation
Recommended Printer Brand Epson Sublimation
Application Steps 1 Step
Garment Color White
Recommended For Epson Printers
Our special coating formulation allows for quick-dry surfaces for easy handling and no tractor wheel marks on the surface of the paper.

Printer Settings
TexPrint®XPHR works well with a variety of print driver settings and ICC profiles. When printing large format work, it is advisable to contact your ink provider for an ICC profile for your specific printer.

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