Chenille Iron On Letter Patches

Color: light pink
Style: A
Sale price$1.99


Personalize everything from makeup bags, nylon pouches, backpacks, to notebooks, pencil cases, and baby bags. They are perfect DIY supply for gifts, bridesmaid parties, traveling, school supplies and more!

💖 You can use these patches on almost any surface- not just fabric!

💖 How to Iron On the Patches onto fabric:
1.) Remove the paper backing before ironing. Place patch on your fabric item- the chenille or embroidered side up!
2.) Place a piece of fabric or parchment paper on top of patch to protect it.
3.) Heat iron to high, approximately 350 degrees F
4.) Iron over the top of patch, applying firm pressure for about 30 seconds. Do not use steam.
5.) Iron back side of patch by turning sweatshirt or bag inside out. Iron underneath patch for 30 seconds. Let cool.
*Repeat if needed

Please be aware that if you iron them, you'll flatten the chenille down a little, and they'll lose some of their fluffiness. Also, some materials don't work well with iron on patches (like nylon bags), and in that case you'd have to use a strong adhesive like hot glue or fabric bond glue.

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