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Size: 7.87"
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Color Prime Universal DTF Film Rolls

  • High Ink Loading Layer: You can lay down more color / white to create rich colored decorated DTF prints.
  • Hot Peel: Peel off the film without a long wait after the first press.
  • Single Side Matte: Easily distinguish the print side.

Compatible with:

    • Any DTF printer on the market - **Recommended use with a roll printer.** 


    • 310° F
    • 15 seconds
    • Peel Hot
    • Medium to firm pressure
    • Polyester, Cotton, Nylon, and poly/cotton blends
    • Wash inside out in cold or warm water and agitate. Tumble dry on a low setting or hang dry for best results. 

    1. Print the image onto the matte side of the film in mirror mode. (CMYK > White Ink)

    2. Apply hot melt powder evenly and remove excess powder. 

    3. Cure hot melt powder using suggested temperatures stated above. 

    4. Transfer the image by heat press at medium pressure with suggested temperature and time stated above.

    5. Peel instantly! (remove the film gently.) 

    6. Heat press again at 137 °C (280 °F) for 5 seconds with medium pressure to enhance a softer hand feel. 

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