Cricut Bright Pad Light Tablet

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Shine the light on your project and illuminate hard-to-see cut lines. Cricut® BrightPad® means faster, more accurate weeding of vinyl and heat-transfer projects - and less eye strain. With 3 brightness settings and a generous 11.5 in x 9 in (29.2 cm x 22.8 cm) area of even LED light (up to 3800 lumens), it's also perfect for tracing projects, paper-piecing quilt patterns, and jewelry-making. Compatible with most materials. Visit for more info.

"Hardness" refers to a material's resistance to being scratched. The higher the number on the hardness scale, the more scratch resistant the material. The surface material of most other light box products on the market reaches only 1- 3.5H on the hardness scale.

Illuminate every detail as you weed, trace, paper-piece & more 3 brightness settings of even LED light reveal hard-to-see cut lines

11.5 in x 9 in (29.2 cm x 22.8 cm) lit area up to 3800 lumens Lightweight, portable, and durable

4H hardness surface resists scratches and scrapes

Nonslip base for ease of use on desk or table

USB power cable Excellent companion for all Cricut® cutting machines

Product Type:   Light Tablet

Technical Information

Viewing Area:   9" x 11.50"
Light Source:   LED
Features:   Durable
Features:   Lightweight
Features:   Portable
Features:   Adjustable Brightness
Features:   Adjustable LED Light
Features:   Anti-slip Base
Features:   Scratch Resistant


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