GO FUZE™ Sublimation to Cotton Solution 13"x19" Kit

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GO FUZE™ Sublimation to Cotton Solution

The GO Fuze dye sub to cotton liquid solution allows standard dye sub ink to fuse to cotton fabric. Any dye sublimation printer will be capable of printing transfers for use with both polyester and cotton blanks using GO Fuze™ liquid solution.

  • Kit Includes
  • GO Fuze™ Liquid Solution - 1 Liter Bottle
  • GO Fuze™ Handheld Applicator - 1.5 Liter Spray Bottle
  • 16" x 20" Acrylic Plate
  • GO Fuze™ Roller
  • 17" x 21" Polyester Fabric
  • Will last for 25 washes
  • GO FUZE™ Solution is Made in the USA
  • Offers Tremendous New Opportunities for the Dye-Sub Market
  • New Patent-Pending Polymer Chemistry
  • Works with Virtually Any Dye Sub Ink Brands, Including Sawgrass


      • 365°F
      • 70 seconds
      • Cold
      • Cotton
      • Excess Fuze Spray should be removed with first wash


Additional Instructions

1. Open the handheld Fuze spray bottle and fill it with GO Fuze solution.

2. Pump spray bottle for a few seconds to pressurize the bottle. This will allow it to continually spray. 

3. Set the Fuze spray bottle nozzle to mist. (It is recommended to check this prior to spraying the t-shirt.)

4. Place the T-shirt on the Acrylic Plate and spray Fuze solution to the t-shirt area you wish to sublimate your image. Use a piece of cardboard to cover the areas that will not have the solution. (Spray evenly using 1 ml per 10 sq inches) 

5. After the Fuze solution is sprayed, use a small paint roller to gently push the solution into the fibers.

6. Take the shirt to the heat press and lay down parchment paper on top. Place the Polyester Fabric on top of the Parchment Sheet then press. This will help spread the heat evenly.

7. It is recommended pressing for 10 seconds with a temperature of 365°F. Using Polyester Fabric on top of Parchment Sheet will help prevent your garments from yellowing. 

8. It is recommended pre-heating the lower platen for 30 seconds at a temperature of 365°F before pressing.

9. Place the t-shirt on the press, center your printed dye sub image on top of the shirt. Place the Polyester Fabric to spread the heat and press for 70 seconds at 365°F.

10. Remove the shirt from the press and let it cool down for one minute, then remove the dye sublimation paper.


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