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Protect your customers' pickleball paddles while flaunting their unique style using this lightweight neoprene cover. Personalize both sides of this cover through sublimation for a stunning look. Featuring a secure snap hook, they can effortlessly attach it to a backpack or gym bag for convenient portability wherever they go.

  • 8.6" W x 12" H x .39" H
  • Made from durable Neoprene material
  • Perfect to fit most standard paddle sizes (8.6" W x 12" H x .39" H)
  • Pickleball Paddles available

Is Neoprene good for sublimation?

Yes, neoprene is suitable for sublimation printing. Its porous surface allows the sublimation ink to penetrate and adhere effectively, resulting in vibrant and durable prints. Neoprene is commonly used for sublimating various items such as drink holders, mouse pads, and even apparel like neoprene shirts and bags.

Can Neoprene be washed?

Yes, neoprene can be washed with gentle care. Hand wash it in lukewarm water with mild detergent, gently scrubbing and avoiding abrasive brushes. Rinse thoroughly and air dry away from direct sunlight.

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