NEW Siser EasyReflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Size: 12 x 12
Color: Rainbow black
Sale price$4.50


Siser EasyReflective is Siser’s only reflective material with a pressure sensitive backing! This highly reflective heat transfer vinyl is constructed with glass bead technology to illuminate the darkest of conditions.

EasyReflective is a truly exceptional polyurethane product due to its pressure sensitive carrier that allows you to re-stick lifting material or replace a piece that’s accidentally removed. With a low application temperature and simple warm peel, EasyReflective can be applied to all kinds of garments and accessories that need to stand out in low lighting.

Heat apply EasyReflective with a heat press or home iron for increased visibility on sports garments, pet clothes, or construction crew uniforms.

Siser EasyReflective HTV

  • Pressure sensitive backing
  • Silver daytime color only
  • 140 microns thick
  • Cannot be layered
  • Use for nighttime visibility and brilliance
  • Very small glass beads embedded in material for best reflect
  • Great for cyclists and runners
  • Applies to cotton, polyester, poly-cotton blends and Nylon(testing recommended for Nylon)
  • CPSIA Certified
  • Due to the manufacturing process, material may vary in width by 1/8-1/4"

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