VTS Light Printable Inkjet Vinyl, Inkjet Iron-On Printable Vinyl, Light fabric, 8.5" x 11", 10 pack, light garment transfer paper

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10 Pack Inkjet Iron-On Printable Vinyl, For Light fabric, 8.5" x 11"

This paper is to be used with an Inkjet Printer, preferably with pigmented inks, OEM or solvent inks. Generic inks may not render good results Please follow all directions carefully for best results.
1. Print on the white/blank side of the paper (coated side), as the backside will have a watermark.
2. In print options, select Plain paper as your paper type and high Quality, and turn the mirror image option on.
3. Print in either 360dpi or 720dpi mode (do not print at higher than 720 dpi).
4. Allow the transfer to dry thoroughly after printing - we suggest 10 to 30 minutes.
Transferring Instructions:
TIPS: If shirt is 100% cotton, it will have the tendency to absorb excessive moisture.
This can lead to bleeding problems.
To avoid this, it is best to pre-heat T-shirt until all the steam is out - about 5 to 10 seconds.
1. After the image has dried from printing, cut the image leaving a 1/8” border around the image. You can use a craft or professional cutter and weed the access material from the paper, leaving only the printed image. Use 20-30 Grams of force or the “Heat Transfer- Printable Light Fabric” setting – and slow speed.
Commercial Heat Press
Hot – Warm – Cold Peel
1. Press the image at 375°- 385° F for 20-30 seconds with the heat press, using moderate pressure. The better the heat press the less temperature and time the paper requires. Best results are with Heat presses with a thick heating platen.
2. Peel the transfer starting at the corner.
Hot Peel - Peel the paper quickly – This will result in the softest transfer.
Warm Peel - Peel the paper after 10-15 seconds delay – This will result in more vibrant color transfer, less softer texture
Cold Peel - Peel the paper when cold - This will result in most vibrant transfer and a softer texture, but coating will be more visible.
Iron-On Cold Peel Instructions:
1. Set the iron to the hottest temperature and do not add water. Iron the area for a few seconds without the transfer paper over a hard surface, not an ironing board.
2. Place the image face down onto the fabric. Start ironing the perimeter of the image first, starting at the lower left corner and moving upward along the side to the top left corner by adding medium to heavy pressure.
Re-iron the image as much as possible and don’t allow any area of the paper to cool down. This entire process should take about 90 seconds for an 8”x 10” image surface. Peel the paper when cold.
Washing Instructions: Wash inside out in COLD WATER. DO NOT USE BLEACH. Place into the dryer and preferably do not hang to dry. Do not iron the shirt’s image surface again. It is always best to wash shirt before wearing it.

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