Tangerine VTS Transparent Glitter Adhesive Vinyl

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Size: 12" x 12" Sheet
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Do you love the look of stained glass?! We so do we! This is a game changer for your decal projects! Great for using on windows, glassware & just about anywhere else you want a unique look!

Now imagine stained glass with a touch of sparkle and that's where you'll find VTS Transparent Glitter Vinyl!

Our transparent films are a soft PVC film that allows visibility through the film. The film is glossy with UV stabilizers providing 7 years exterior durability.

These products are great for creating stained glass designs, window graphics or as an accent on a full or partial glass panel.

When applied to large glass panels, the color makes a bold statement while providing complete visibility through the film. Colors can be layered to create additional colors.

Our Transparent vinyl is 3 mil thick and has a 5 year outdoor rating.


Note: Life expectancy can vary depending on harshness of UV exposure.

Cut Limitations: Due to stiffness of the film, smaller intricut cuts may be difficult to weed and work with, as well as have a lower tolerance for lifting from the surface after applied.  We do not recommend sharp corners or edges as these may perpetuate peeling from the surface, especially if handled.

Due to the stiffness of the film, when unrolled "tunneling" may occur which is when the film lifts from the release liner and bubbles or "tunnels" form.  This can be corrected by simply lifting the film gently from the release liner and gently using a squeegee or other flat edge to lay the film back town prior to cutting.  

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